CV Preparation

Your CV is a standard part of any application process, it helps to give employers a clear idea of whether your written communication skills and experience. Your CV should be easy to read and understand; it should cover all the necessary information and not have any spelling or grammar mistakes which could put a recruiter/hiring manager off.

What to include:

  • Contact Details

  • Education

  • Work Experience

  • Voluntary Work

  • Skills

  • Achievements

  • Hobbies/Interests

CVs Do’s:

  • Clear and Concise

  • Correct contact details

  • Experience in a logical order

  • Explain any gaps in your work experience

  • Include skills and experience relevant to the job you’re applying for

  • Keep it short and sweet - 2 pages max

  • Keep it neat and tidy

CV Dont’s:

  • Lie/embellish the truth

  • Be too fancy or too informal, avoid using jargon

  • Have grammar or spelling mistakes

  • Include negative information

  • Shrink the font to fit more

  • Use a font which is unprofessional